Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rone in NYC

Rone, of course reppin' November, dropped by from Melbourne to do some damage. Since I'm still living in limbo, sleeping on floors and roofs and sofas I didn't have a bed to offer...

...so he made himself at home on the streets instead, took after the rest of the homeless and put his belongings in a shoppingcart.

...Put up some of paste-ups...1.


...3 and on to...

...the next.

Earlier we saw this bombed out truck...

...so Rone got a bit inspired.

We actually asked the guard at the parkinglot if we could put up on it... "It's not mine, I don't care", was his reply.


We went by the Alife store and got some Krink for Reka. KR's tag is nearly everywhere

Some skate company had a show in Soho. Swoons deck was probably my favourite. She was sitting in a corner cutting paper through the entire show.

Some of Swoon's streetwork.

Sync was here about a month earlier. I had nowhere to live and was working all the fucking time so I missed him. But it's been cool following his tracks through the city.

Went to Queens to check out 5 Pointz .

The shit here is sooo nice... oh, and if you don't realize... that's a painted wall you're looking at.

Gotta say that I like the one on the side there better but thought this was a funny homage to the old old old school. Rembrandt had a moppemusche!

We weren't the only tourists... that dude looks German, at least his shorts does.

Some nice rats too...


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