fashion, film, books, apps & advertising... oh and now interiors
Although I'm originally from Sweden, curiosity has had me living nearly half my life abroad. In Melbourne I wrote a book about the local street art scene, in Amsterdam I designed clothes and in New York I art directed a film for ABC News, nominated for an Emmy in the category "Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Graphic & Artistic Design".

In Montreal I was creative lead on the 2009 global brand campaign for Adidas Originals, which not only set the tone for their advertising for the following four years but also got spoofed by the Simpsons.

In 2009 my magically beautiful and all around awesome daughter was born. A year later, we took off for new adventures, settling at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in Boulder, CO. Here I worked as Sr. Designer for CP+B, working on the rebranding of Jello among other things.

From Boulder, we went around the globe to Beijing, China, where we currently live. Here, the most recent major project I've been involved with is as creative lead on the 2013 BMW brand campaign, for the Chinese market. A campaign of which Yang Kequan, Executive Editor of Shanghai Business Daily, wrote; "Chinese ethnic culture has now proudly become part of the global DNA of BMW".

Since the end of 2014 I have been focusing on spatial design, creating the concept and designing the interiors and furniture for the newly opened Beijing restaurant Charcoal, which also houses the micro brewery Arrow Factory Brewing.

I enjoy collaboration, sharing, pushing and pulling at ideas to find their essence. I value honesty, passion and simplicity. I'm friends with both order and chaos but prefer chaos in the process and order in the result.

As an artist, I'm represented in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Australia and have painted and exhibited work in NY, LA, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stavanger & Stockholm.

Big jobs, small jobs, in-house or freelance, as long as it's fun and creative I'm interested. So just drop me a line and we'll see where that leads. Sound cool?

carl.nyman [at]